The Dangers of DIY Coverage

With a whole digital world at your fingertips, building your own insurance policy seems simple. Why consult a broker when you can compare rates online from the comfort of your own home? Unfortunately, there is a lot to watch out for when selecting your own coverage.

Do-It-Yourself insurance can come with major risks.

  1. Coverage Gaps

Insurance brokers have industry specific knowledge. They are able to assess your needs and closely examine policies to make sure you are fully covered. When individual consumers piece together their own policies, it is easy to get distracted by low rates and overlook serious coverage gaps.

  • Over-kill

Similarly, most individuals struggle to understand how much coverage they actually need. Insurance terms can be pretty technical, so some people choose the coverage that looks the most complete. This often means you are paying for more coverage than you will ever use.

  • High Premiums

Insurance underwriters use your data to determine your policy rates. When you visit the same website again and again, they take notice. Brokers understand how to represent you in the insurance market, so they get the same policies at a lower monthly premium. While DIY coverage may be convenient, it certainly does not come without risk. When it comes to the things you care about, you deserve to empowered and protected by someone you trust. A trusted insurance broker will help you avoid these three DIY coverage mistakes, and make it easy to protect the things that matter.

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