3 Ways to Shop Local!

As the end users of our economy, it is easy to feel like we lack control over the products we buy and where they come from. A slight change in perspective reveals something different; every dollar is a vote. When you purchase local goods and services, you are voting for something that matters: the success of your local economy.

Use these three tips, and start shopping local today.

  1. Buy local produce.

A quick search online or a thumb through the paper will uncover a secret treasure trove of farmers markets. These markets offer fresh, seasonal produce grown by local farmers. There’s nothing like knowing the people who grow your food! Phoenix area folks, check out the Open Air Market this Saturday.

  • Gift locally.

Skip Amazon. Search local boutiques for unique gifts to suit every occasion.

Phoenix locals are lucky to have a wealth of local gift shops to choose from. Start by checking out Whozitz and Whatzitz, and Strawberry Hedgehog!

  • Hire local service professionals.

There is a local expert for just about every service you could need. Next time you need a mechanic, gardener, CPA, or (yes) insurance broker, search your local market. You just might find a hidden gem!

No matter what, spending money is a part of life. The good news in, your dollars count! You can use your money to support families in your community. The best news? You can rest easy knowing the local businesses you patron will support you back.

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