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Don’t hesitate to contact Rob Scola to best understand how these new changes will affect your coverage.  Simply renewing a current policy might be a mistake.  Having a comprehensive review only makes sense.

There are several components to health insurance.

Workers compensation insurance will cover injuries or illnesses caused while at work.  Any illness or injury that is unrelated to work would then be covered with a health insurance policy.  If your policy is provided by your employer, you are insured through a group policy.  Many times these group policies do not take into consideration your existing health or pre-existing conditions.  In the event of voluntary or involuntary job loss, reduction in total hours worked, job transition, divorce, death and other life events,  it is possible to maintain coverage under the same policy.  This option was provided under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA.  The contribution to this premium is usually quite high, compared to the original contribution.

There are many ways that coverage might vary.  The deductible, covered preventative care, doctor availability (either in network or out of network), copay, and types of covered procedures are a few of the differences.

Dental insurance plans are additional policies that can be purchased separately if not a part of an employers policy.  Many of these policies cover portions of preventative procedures.

Similar to dental coverage, vision insurance can also be purchased.

Supplemental health insurance provides coverage for gaps that might be created with regular health insurance policies.  Although health insurance will cover medical care, it wouldn’t reimburse for the time off work for instance.  Self employed and families often purchase these policies to cover lost income and living expenses when injured.  These policies can be designed for an individuals specific needs.

What is an HMO?  An HMO is a Health Maintenance Organization.  If your insurance is provided by an HMO you will be required in most cases to receive care from an in network provider.  If you chose to find care outside of the HMO it will usually generate a much higher out of pocket expense.  Unless where some plans allow your primary care physician within the HMO to provide you a referral to an out of network provider.

What is a PPO?  A PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization.  This is a health plane that has contracts with a network of preferred providers.  If you receive your treatment from the PPO you would only be responsible for your annual deductible and copays per your visits.

What is a PCP?  A PCP is short for a Primary Care Physician.

Rob Scola has been in the health insurance business for decades.  He will be able to guide you through the challenges of today’s intricate health insurance market.