We Support Local Businesses

As a sustaining member of Local First Arizona, we proudly support local businesses.  Ambassador Group owes much of its success and growth to the local and state wide business community.  As the local economy grows, so too does the Ambassador Group.  Doing our part, our office chooses to reference the Local First Arizona Business Directory for all of our needs.  We’ve found that buying local often means spending less.

Those savings are used to reinvest in the agency to further fuel our growth.  Studies show that 73% of every dollar spent at local businesses remains local.  Compared to only 43% of every dollar spent at non-local businesses.   At Ambassador Group we partner with our local clients.  We are pleased to promote and refer our clients as often as possible.  Our Facebook page, YouTube channel and monthly newsletter make spreading the word simple.  We’re glad to promote a new clients grand opening or special event whenever possible.