There a so many choices when it comes to insurance and sometimes it hard to sift through all the possible options you have. You can go directly to a company which will quote you their specific rates or you can go to broker who has the ability to quote multiple carries. Your first step is deciding which of these routes you want to take to obtain insurance. Second, think about all the things that you need insured. Car insurance, home owners insurance, health insurance and property insurance, to name a few. Sometimes combining all the items you need insured can give you an overall discount.

From there, your investigation begins on who the best person or company is for you. Price is obviously an important factor and you should consider the overall rate for comparable coverage. However, relationships matter! Here’s why.


You Want an Advocate on Your Side

The hope is that you never have anything happen where you need to use insurance. If it does though, you will want to be connected to an agent who will actually pick up your call, respond promptly, answer your questions and advocate on your behalf. There are so many times we have taken on new clients because in the past they have had an incident and felt insignificant, ignored or not helped in the way they needed. That’s one reason we believe relationships matter.


You Get What You Pay For

While price is a consideration as we mentioned, you want to MAKE SURE the coverage people are quoting you is completely comparable. If one quote comes in considerably lower than you want to ask the question why. Also, an experienced insurance agent will be honest with you about all the options you have and also what he or she thinks you really need. Many people don’t need every coverage that’s out there. Situations are unique. In the same light, sometimes there is coverage that is advisable but that is left out of quotes simply to obtain the cheapest rate. If that’s the goal that is okay but at least you should be made aware of your options. This is why it’s important to work with an agent you trust that you feel will be completely honest with you.


Experience Matters

When looking for an agent, think about the value that experience in the industry offers. Many people come in and out of the insurance industry on a regular basis, but only a handful of a proven track record of business. Their years of experience offer a wealth of knowledge which will help them better serve you. Additionally, having managed to stay in business for a long time offers you the confidence that they have many clients who have trusted them with their business.


If you are looking for a no pressure quote from an experienced agent please contact us.

Ambassador group has been serving clients for over 40 years. We make relationships our top priority.